About chart

    KV_CONTROL_CHART  - is an ActiveX component, which enable for the interpretations of  data stream 

    in the form of  diagrams. 

    It's easy to integrate this Active-X component in the application which supports the Active-X technology.

    The function is to save oneself a part of work while programming and engineering by reason that you don't have 

    to program your own chart.


    In the main,  KV_CONTROL_CHART was programmed  for developers,  engineers and scientists who need 

    to convert the data stream in diagrams in their occupational life.  

    Although there are at the moment many 'Chart-Component' in the market, we decided to develop our own
    'Chart' by reason that our commodity is helpful in certain cases due the fact that it has more functions. 


                                                         Product Overview

     The component is written in Visual C++   in addition to that  ”MFC“ Class was used.

     Besides the component doesn't need additional libraries.


     Following Chart Type were developed:


           LINE CHART                      

           BOOLEAN CHART

           STAIRS CHART                    

           DEVIATION CHART                    

           BUBBLE CHART                         

           AREA CHART                           

           POLAR CHART                   

           ROSE CHART                             

           POLAR-AREA CHART                  

           POLAR-BAR CHART                                         

           BAR(VERTICAL) CHART          

           BAR(HORIZONTAL) CHART        



           PIE(DONUT) CHART                   






      Key Features:

           Maximal number of points in series - 1000000.

           You can turn on and off the series with a mouse click. 

           The number of series is delimited by the capacity of the RAM.

           You can position the series in any order inside of the Y- axis.

           Every point in the series can be invisible (for the diagram of the broken series).

           Several X, Y- Axis.

           Unified X, Y- Axis

           Units  for X, Y- Axis.

           2D, 3D diagram.

           Grid (disengageable).

           Error Message (disengageable).

           The charts have a scrollbar.      


           Cursor with the display of values in a modeless dialog.

           It's possible  to format the  display of values after the 'C'–specification  and to justify horizontal or vertical.

           Saving in file  (in Bitmap or in own '*.kvc' format)

           Export of data (*.txt).

           Data saving in  '*.kvc' format are allowed to open. .


           Toolbar, tooltips are allowed to be free created. . 

           Two additional buttons 'fc1', 'fc2' in the toolbar whose events can be decided by the developer. .

           Trending with „Stop“ and „Go“ function.

           Property Pages (in Design Mode).

           updateable Online-documentation.

           Sample Code (Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, HTML, MS Office). 


      System requirement.


Pentium III (or higher) or equivalent x86-compatible processor

Memory (RAM)

32 MB minimum

Free disk space

10 MB minimum

Operating System

Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0,

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista


800x600 resolution or higher recommended.

24 Bit Color or higher recommended.


ActiveX compatible program or development environments.